Guidelines and Patterns
for Development for
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Design Patterns?

A "Design Pattern" is a software design template to solve common development needs.

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By using consistent patterns and best practices, code is far more reusable across diverse projects.


If all code uses design patterns and best practices, it's simpler for new team members to ensure that code is correct, as well as making it easier to jump into a project.


Many design patterns and best practices are also heavily focused on ensuring compliance with the latest performance recommendations to get the most out of every system.

What's New


No. Series

The “Number Series” system is used extensively to provide numbers to master records, documents, and other transactions through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.



Two API Related Design Patterns and one Best Practice for working with API's


Event Bridge

In the world of interfaces, it is important to preserve (certain) events over multiple implementation of the interface.