Keyboard Shortcuts

Created by Christian Lenz, Described by Christian Lenz


To increase developer productivity while coding, use keyboard shortcuts that are available in the specific context to execute actions faster.

This is a selection of the community’s favorites (more to come).


Delete wordEditorCTRL + Backspace

VS Code

Switch TabEditorALT + <Arrow Left/Right>
Move Line Up/DownEditorALT + <Arrow Up/Down>
Copy Line Below/AboveEditorALT + SHIFT + <Arrow Up/Down>
Delete LineEditorCTRL + X (without selection)
Add Selection To Next MatchEditorCTRL + D
Select All Occurences Of Find MatchEditorCTRL + SHIFT + L
Add Cursors To Line EndsEditorSHIFT + ALT + I (after selecting lines)
Add Cursor Above/BelowEditorCTRL + ALT + <Arrow Up/Down>
Place Multiple Cursors ManuallyEditorALT + Click
Fast ScrollingEditorALT + Mouse Wheel
Go To Symbol In FileEditorCTRL + SHIFT + O
Breadcrumbs - Open And SelectEditorCTRL + SHIFT + .
Go Back / ForwardGo To DefinitionALT + <Arrow Left/Right>