Code of Conduct

Find below the rules to be used when disseminating or relating to the NAV Design Patterns.

  1. Only use materials published in text on the NAV Design Patterns Wiki site. If you received from us, any unpublished materials, please observe that they are subject to change and have not been approved for external use.
  2. When referencing a NAV Design Pattern, you must remember to also reference its author and company where the author is employed. You will find the author and his/her company at the beginning of each pattern, under the title.
  3. When referencing a NAV Design Patterns project, you must make it clear that this is a community project, driven by Microsoft, with multiple developers involved from both Microsoft and the community.
  4. When using published text content of NAV Design Patterns, do not alter the text in any way that was published on the Wiki site, unless is has been reviewed by the patterns team and signed off by someone at Microsoft in writing.
  5. If you have other materials which have not received explicit signoff in writing from me, where I have specifically stated that they are valid design patterns ready for publishing, please do not name them “NAV Design Patterns” (or anything similar). You are free to use your own content, but do not associate it in any way with NAV Design Patterns unless it is signed off in writing.
  6. If you do choose to use your own content, you must make it clear that it is not a NAV Design Pattern.