Template for writing Nav Design Patterns

This is a guideline, some parts are optional (if there’s no content, remove the whole paragraph).

<Your name here in italics, plus your company name>

«Pattern Title>>

Short, descriptive and easy to remember.

Black & white, no text on it.

Context: Sets the stage where the pattern takes place. 1-2 sentences.

Problem: What happens before this pattern is used? How can it go wrong? 1-5 lines.

Forces: (explain why the problem is difficult to solve; state the considerations that must be taken into account when choosing a solution to a problem)

  • «**Force 1: **short description (What is the impact of not using this pattern? Or using only partially?) >>
  • «**Force 2: **short description >>

Solution: 1-2 sentences. The full description will come below.

«Solution descriptions>>

«Diagrams. Please add numbers and captions to both figures and tables>>

Usage: «short usage description>>


«Where it’s used in Dynamics NAV>>


  • **« Benefit 1: **solves Force 1, short description>>
  • **« Benefit 2: **solves Force 2, short description>>


  • **«Consequence 1: **are there any drawbacks? Is there anything the developer needs to be aware of when implementing this pattern? Any known limitations? >>

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