Product Name


On many occasions, it’s needed to refer to the product name in messages or errors. It’s not a good practice to hardcode the brand name like Dynamics NAV 2017, and change this value with each rebranding. You can use client ProductName System Object instead to refer to the product name.


When you want to refer to product name in informational messages or errors, it’s not a good practice to hardcode the brand name, as this requires changing this text when a rebranding happens.


Instead of hardcoding the product name like “Dynamics NAV 2017”, it’s recommended to use ProductName System Object that platform provides.

You can use ProductName to refer to the product name, this you can use in text messages. ProductName has 3 values ProductName.Short, ProductName.Full, and ProductName.Marketing, each one should be used according to the context of your message.

It’s recommended to use ProductName.Short for most in-product texts , ProductName.Full when other dynamics apps are present in the message context (like CRM), and ProductName.Marketing only when absolutely necessary.

Usage: You should make a placeholder in your text constant and substitute this placeholder with ProductName as shown below.



  • This decouples your messages from the application name
  • This removes the effort of maintaining these messages and keeping them up to date with the brand name.


  • ProductName can’t be used for tooltips and captions, it can only be used for text constants (Labels).
  • ProductName System object doesn’t exist in NAV 2016 and earlier version.