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This site is meant to house some of the community’s knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central AL Development best practices, particularly around hosting Design Patterns.

What are Design Patterns?

To quote the original NAV Team blog post about the NAV Design Patterns:

A team of people interested in NAV application design has come together to work on naming and surfacing design solutions to common NAV business needs. When those solutions are generic enough to be applied in various places of the NAV application, with slight variations on implementation but mainly respecting the same base concepts, we can describe them as NAV design patterns.

A design pattern is a repeatable template of how to solve a common development challenge.

What are Development Best Practices?

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History of “NAV Design Patterns”

In 2013, Microsoft NAV Dev Team and prominent members of the community collaborated on a Community and Microsoft collection of commonly needed / used Design Patterns.

For some history on this, waldo’s posts Code is Poetry and Design is Philosophy are a great read.

Behind This Project

This project is a Microsoft Business Central Community initiative with support from the Microsoft Business Central team. The founding community members are


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