Variable Naming

Created by Microsoft, Described by waldo


Variables that refer to a AL object must contain the objects name, abbreviated where necessary.

A variable must begin with a capital letter.

Blanks, periods, and other characters (such as parentheses) that would make quotation marks around a variable necessary must be omitted.

If a variable is a compound of two or more words or abbreviations, each word or abbreviation should begin with a capital letter.

Example 1

Bad code

    WIPBuffer: Record "Job WIP Buffer"

Good code

    JobWIPBuffer: Record "Job WIP Buffer"    

Example 2

Bad code

    Postline: Codeunit "Gen. Jnl.-Post Line";    

Good code

    GenJnlPostLine: Codeunit "Gen. Jnl.-Post Line";

Example 3

Bad code

    "Amount (LCY)": Decimal;    

Good code

    AmountLCY: Decimal;        


The AL Variable Helper extension provides Intellisense support to assign correct variable names in AL.